Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Spindlefrog goes to London.

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Oh Im getting bad again about updating this when I promised I wouldnt. Better late than never though so here goes.
Tonight we have shetland, gotland and the introduction of "Sockie Spins" a superwash merino and nylon 70/30 blend. Its ever so soft and fluffy and will make excellent socks. Im liking this new fibre so will more than likely get more in.

Today a huge order arrived for me. I love getting parcels even if it is just undyed wool. Now I should have enough to last me quite a while and keep me busy. One of the reasons why I placed the order is to dye up a big batch of fibres to go down to London for Ally Pally in October. Ive been bouncing about with a huge grin for days because Alice from the delightful shop Socktopus asked me would I be intrested in them carrying my fibres! How freakin cool is that? They will be on her stall along with the fantastic range of sock yarns and fibres from..wait until you hear this....Spunky, Pigeonroof, Brooklyn Handspun and Chameleon Colourworks. Im besides myself with glee. I wont be able to see them sitting there with the fibre royalty because I will be in Barcelona at the time (with multi coloured paws no doubt). The rest of this week will be spent dyeing and getting the package all ready to be posted off. Happy happy me.

Spindlefrog is doing really well at the moment. Im having a blast doing it and never thought it would be as good as it is. Ive had some wonderful feedback from some lovely customers which really brightens my day and Ive even seen a good few of the fibres spun up.

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