Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Growing my empire.

Tonight I was going to have a nice big update at http://www.spindlefrog.etsy.com/ but I bought a new camera today and its just not playing nice. This is meant to be a better leaner cooler (more expensive) camera and so far its crap. Its changing the colours too much although the detail is ace. So you can have a really good close up shot of something you arent buying. Gah. I hope its just me and I will iron out the kinks. So my update has been delayed a bit. I have just listed this shetland though.
I have some lovely BFL & silk, some gotland, merino and silk hankies to go up as well. But I need the camera to take the picture I shoot rather than a pink version of it. Grr. Can you tell I am cross with it.
In other news I have got a drum carder on its way to me. YAY! I really can not wait. Batts batts batts all the way :0)

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