Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Falkland Update

Falkland Update
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As promised (to who? No-one but me reads this anyway..) the update post. Falkland. Yum. This is quickly becoming my favourite fibre to dye and spin. Its so squishy. So cuddlely. So yummy. This update had a Greek/Roman mythologic (is that a word???) slant with Pan, Venus, Aether, Demeter, Persephone and Flora taking a bow. I think Pan , left one on middle row and Persephones Return, bottom row middle one are my two favs. Some have already sold too which was bloody quick. Happy me. The corriedale is just having a bath now and will hopefully be listed tomorrow.

To celebrte my ONE MONTH Etsy birthday Ive treated myself to some Piegonroof merino and some mixed FeltStudio mini batts. I havent bought much fibre lately (doh) because of all the stuff I have but Ive always wanted to try Piegonroof stuff and to see how the merino feels. The only time I tried to dye some up it got slightly felted so I want to see how it should be. And the mini batts were just too cute to leave on the shelf. I really should be getting my parcel together for the UK spinners swap. Ive done a bit but not nearly enough shopping. I will get right on the case.

In other excitting news Ive placed a REALLY big fibre order. Yikes! It should be my September fibre for upates but Im a bit worried that it wont sell. This time I have gone for a few differint fibres to have a bash at and see how they go. Fingers crosse hey!


Jacqui said...

we do read it you know! LOL scrummy fibre as always I'll be back for more very soon, in fact I may just go shopping right now :)

goldfishgirl said...

I read your blog! Well I do now that I've found it :) Love your photos, those colours are gorgeous. Look forward to hearing what you think of the Pigeonroof merino. I bought some a while back, it's lovely and squishy. Haven't spun it yet, but it looks beautiful unspun too.