Monday, 1 September 2008

BFL Update

BFL Update
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This is the previous update for the shop. Ive missed one whole update out because Im a bad blogger. Oh yes I am. Very bad. But Im posting this one because the picture is so pretty. Most of these fibres have sold which is excellent but there is still alot of nice stuff up.

Ive been really pleased with how the shop is going. Im now one day away from my one month Etsy birthday and in that time Ive reached both of my little targets I set. I cant wait until next month. Ive been getting some really nice feedback and repeat customers which I am delighted about and Ive even seen photos of the fibre spun up. That makes me all smiley inside and I drag which ever family member is nearest to come and squee with me although they're a bit rubbish at that part.

Ive also been given some money to invest in Spindlefrog too. Excitting times ahead. Now Im having a long hard think about how to spend it. One idea is to buy a drum carder and make funky spinning batts with lots of bling and gliter. Or get a MUCH better camera or expand the range of fibres. Or spruce up the graffics in the shop and get some promo stuff. So much to think about. One thing I will be doing though is making the labels a bit more professional. That will be job number one I think. So watch this space....

There will be another update tomorrow (falkland) and wednesday (corriedale). I will post then...oh yes....

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