Sunday, 14 September 2008

Batts of Delight.

Here are some of the batts Ive been carding up on my new carder for the shop. Blimey its so much fun I dont know why I was all in a dither about buying one. Even my mum has had a good go and has created some lovely ones. My aunt on the other hand is rubbish but tried hard and thats the main thing.
As you can see Im still having a few photo issues. These ones are better than before so its a learning curve but they arent as good as I would like. Its fustrating the hell out of me because of the money I paid. Im very tempted to give up and go back to the old one but worry I will never get it sorted out if I do. Grrr.
Tomorrow I will spend the day dyeing. I have bought another big load of dyes to extend the colour range but havent been able to try them out yet because of work. But Im having a good few days off so I can play arround and have fun. One thing I will be dyeing is a selection for a shop in the US who will be stocking Spindlefrog fibre. How excitting is that??? I hope to get the order out by Friday so keep your fingers crossed the rain stays away.

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