Monday, 11 August 2008

What a lovely batt!

Today I woke up to this in the mail. Its a georgous batt from Its called "Rustic Cabin" and looks so much nicer in real life even though the photo was pretty cool too. Even my fibre blind family have admired and stroked it.This is the first of many batts I will be getting from here because not only is it freakin huge it is also breath takingly beautiful. So much so that I had to begin spinning it straight away even though Ive had the headache from hell. It will become a two ply yarn about 4ply weight (fingering) if it all goes according to plan. It feels like going to a childrens party spinning it, joyful, funny and colourful. What a treat.
I also got my lavander sachet supplies in the post as well but not the BFL fibre so no dyeing today. Hope it comes tomorrow because I want to play with the dyes again.
Im still knitting on the swallowtail shawl but last night I ended up with one extra stitch on one side. So I tinked. Then I had 2 extra. Tinked again. 4. Tinked again, 2. So I knitted it together with another stitch. Now I have the right number but the pattern might (doya think?) be off a bit. How magical can blocking be? Guess I will find out. Note to self: LIFELINES!

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