Saturday, 9 August 2008

Swallowtail lovelyness.

And to your right you will see the beginings of the Swallowtail shawl. 6 repaets of the budding lace pattern and all is well. Its quite difficult getting a good photo of this one because of the colour and the shine so when I say its nicer in real life it really is. Im not fibbibg. Honest. Bamboo doesn't seem to have any give which is a bit of a challenge knitting with it and so I have made a desission to bead ala The Yarn Harlot rather than purl 5 tog *shivers*. Ive got a packet of silver beads arround somewhere so silver the beads will be. I hope to get this one finished before the next ice age unlike the kimno shawl and the dk alpaca seraphim which are still on going after about 10 months on the needles. But now as I have discovered re-runs of Chicago Hope on Zone Romantica I am knitting for at least 2 full hours a night.

The alpaca that I dyed yesterday is still not dry which isnt really a wonder as its lashing down here and you can feel the dampness in the air. But I really want to braid it up nd make it look all pretty. I must learn to be patient but its not really my default setting.

Also Im waiting on a few parcels that I thought might come today but havent. A kilo of BFL to dye up (yay) and a few bits for the shop ( , packaging supplies and so on. And also some yummy batts I got of etsy. But nothing. Not a bean. Another round of the swap on the UK Spinners board from Ravelry is just about to begin and our swap partners will be assigned on the 11th. The last one was excellent (well for me anyway) as I got some great things so Im really looking forward to round two.

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