Friday, 8 August 2008

Ohh the bamboo

Just look at that... Im so chuffed because this is bamboo yarn that I dyed and spun (and then dork like put label from my shop on it even though I wont be selling it but because it looked cute). I really like the colour it came out as, a soft bright green. Its all very spring like. It weighs 50 grams and is 200 yards but I still have another 150grms to spin.
Last night I begun knitting the Swallowtail shawl with it and its looking fab. Im trying really hard to use some of the handspun in my knitting because thats the point right? And handspun has that certain panache that millspun just cant seem to get. It seems more alive and fun. Well to me anyway.
In other news Ive been doing some dyeing for the shop (afore mentioned). Today was alpaca, mostly fine grade which is super yummy and not a bit scratchy in the least, but also one braid of super fine which is heavenly. No really really nice *nods*. I am tempted to not put them on etsy and keep them all for me because I like them that much. But then I also like how nice they look photoed on the computer. They are drying now but the weather is looking a bit glum so it might take a while. Im pleased with the colours as well because I had a go at mixing them up a bit instead of just straight out of the pot. I figure if I dye what I like then if they dont sell thats cool, more for me.

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