Wednesday, 13 August 2008

My hands are multi-coloured, just like a rainbow!

Lookie...see all the pretty colours? Yep my fibre order came today. The one I placed yesterday afternoon. It arrived less than 24 hours latter how cool is that. Im telling you will be getting alot more of my money. (Still no BFL though but Im hopefully of its imminent arrival). So today I spent the day dyeing up lots and lots of fibre. Most of it will go in the shop ( but some of the lovelyness will be mine to spin. For some reason there seems to be an awful lot of hot pink and Im not sure why, its not like I even like the colour. That is shop fodder for sure. These photos were taken straight after the rinse so they look a bit sad and floppy but will fluff up great when they dry. My favourite part of the dyeing process is photographing them all together and seeing the rainbow of colour. I cant wait.

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