Tuesday, 12 August 2008

More mail lovelyness.

Today the post man bought this to me. Three batts from marion@etsy.com . Theyre made up with wool, sari silk, merino, bamboo and gliter and weigh 4.6oz. And I think they are lovely. I cant wait to spin them up and I really want them on the wheel after the woolytreasure batt but should spin up more bamboo for the swallowtail shawl. I need more wheels and/or bobins and defo more hands/time.
Talking of the woolytreaure batt its looking fab. Im about half way through and so I think I might have it done by tomorrow at the latest. If, of course, I can stop looking on ravelry and etsy. Im so delighted Ive contacted Jae the owner of the store and Im getting a custom batt made for me. Its a copper sea one (if you look through the sold items its in there) and is a georgous mix of sage green and golds. Im super excitted about it.
My etsy shop www.spindlefrog.etsy.com has had another sale today YAY! Two more rovings will be headed out very soon. Still no BFL though so instead Ive made an order for some more fibre this time some gotland, grey shetland, white shetland, faukland and corridale. Quite a mix and I think it will be fun trying them out to see how they take the dye and spin. I have also ordered a light tent from ebay to be able to take better photos. Its only a cheapo one but should be good.

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