Tuesday, 19 August 2008


The shop update tonight was alpaca. I really love this fibre. This alpaca is not scratchy at all and this time Ive kept a bit for me. See the first one in the middle row? Well I dyed two the same. Its called Rose Garden and I'm dead pleased with how the colours came out. I think with alpaca subtle colours are best so I have kept it quite tame. Sam hates the smell of the roving wet so I think he will be more than pleased if they dont sell because then I wont want to dye anymore.

Today I dyed up a kilo of falkland and I had some help. Sam actually painted three of them and got quite into it and They have come out great. They are drying now but it could take a while because its so damp and cold here at the moment. This is meant to be summer but it certainly doesn't feel like it. Ive got a kilo of corridale just waiting for me too. But I might wait to do that. Or not..its so much fun. The shop is doing really well at the moment although Ive not had a sale for a couple of days Im getting alot of hearts which is nice.

Over on Ravelry the UK Spinners swap is underway but I havent heard from the person I am meant to be spoiling. I hope everything is ok with her but I really want to get shopping/spinning for it. Last time I had a blast and its nice because its not a huge group so you dont get lost in it.

I have finished spinning up the Wooly Treasure batt and it came out lovely but I havent got a photo of it yet. I will tomorrow if I think on. The other batt should be on its way soon and I cant wait to get it. But Ive not done alot of anything for a while unless its messing about with fibre and dyes...

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