Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Spinners Swap is go!

Over to your left we have tonights update at the shop, This little lot is falkland, a really great spinning fibre. Ive got one kilo of corriedale to dye up and then I will need to buy some more fibre.

In other news Ive heard from my swappee on the Ravelry UK Spinners board. She has been out of the country for a while but is back now and ready to go. I cant wait to get her questioner so I can begin getting the parcel together. I love this part but always worry that my handspun isnt going to be good enough which is strange because when I recieve handspun Im always totally thrilled with it. Ive yet to met a hank I dont like. Handspun = charm in my book so I know I will love the yarn Im sent from my swaper.

Im going to have a little spin of the Rose Garden Alpaca in a minute as Im dying to see how it turns out. And I really must get back to doing some knitting especially as Ive got to go to work tomorrow so that will mess arround with my crafts. Grr to work. Yay to spinning/dyeing/knitting.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


The shop update tonight was alpaca. I really love this fibre. This alpaca is not scratchy at all and this time Ive kept a bit for me. See the first one in the middle row? Well I dyed two the same. Its called Rose Garden and I'm dead pleased with how the colours came out. I think with alpaca subtle colours are best so I have kept it quite tame. Sam hates the smell of the roving wet so I think he will be more than pleased if they dont sell because then I wont want to dye anymore.

Today I dyed up a kilo of falkland and I had some help. Sam actually painted three of them and got quite into it and They have come out great. They are drying now but it could take a while because its so damp and cold here at the moment. This is meant to be summer but it certainly doesn't feel like it. Ive got a kilo of corridale just waiting for me too. But I might wait to do that. Or not..its so much fun. The shop is doing really well at the moment although Ive not had a sale for a couple of days Im getting alot of hearts which is nice.

Over on Ravelry the UK Spinners swap is underway but I havent heard from the person I am meant to be spoiling. I hope everything is ok with her but I really want to get shopping/spinning for it. Last time I had a blast and its nice because its not a huge group so you dont get lost in it.

I have finished spinning up the Wooly Treasure batt and it came out lovely but I havent got a photo of it yet. I will tomorrow if I think on. The other batt should be on its way soon and I cant wait to get it. But Ive not done alot of anything for a while unless its messing about with fibre and dyes...

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Today BFL, tomorrow the world.

Well BFL and shetland today but we're still on for the world tomorrow. This is the latest update to and a few have already sold. Typically my favourite one has gone (artichoke in the top left corner) but Im still chuffed it sold. I should dye something specifically for me and not list it but when they are all done its too tempting. The next update will be either alpaca, corriedale or falkland and I havent made up my mind which it will be. I already have the alpaca so it depends on if the other two come by monday. The alpaca is lovely though, really soft.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Fluffy yummy fibres.

Here are two thirds of yesterdays dyeing adventures. Im really pleased with how well they came out and I know I said that yesterday but they look even nicer all braided up. Is it wrong to admire your own work so much> Hehehehe. Ive still got to get the shetland all ready but will do that tomorrow. These fibres though are already on and some have even sold. Cool hey? I know the last few days have been all about the shop but thats really all I have done. No knitting or spinning. I will write about something else when I actually do something else.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

My hands are multi-coloured, just like a rainbow!

Lookie...see all the pretty colours? Yep my fibre order came today. The one I placed yesterday afternoon. It arrived less than 24 hours latter how cool is that. Im telling you will be getting alot more of my money. (Still no BFL though but Im hopefully of its imminent arrival). So today I spent the day dyeing up lots and lots of fibre. Most of it will go in the shop ( but some of the lovelyness will be mine to spin. For some reason there seems to be an awful lot of hot pink and Im not sure why, its not like I even like the colour. That is shop fodder for sure. These photos were taken straight after the rinse so they look a bit sad and floppy but will fluff up great when they dry. My favourite part of the dyeing process is photographing them all together and seeing the rainbow of colour. I cant wait.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

More mail lovelyness.

Today the post man bought this to me. Three batts from . Theyre made up with wool, sari silk, merino, bamboo and gliter and weigh 4.6oz. And I think they are lovely. I cant wait to spin them up and I really want them on the wheel after the woolytreasure batt but should spin up more bamboo for the swallowtail shawl. I need more wheels and/or bobins and defo more hands/time.
Talking of the woolytreaure batt its looking fab. Im about half way through and so I think I might have it done by tomorrow at the latest. If, of course, I can stop looking on ravelry and etsy. Im so delighted Ive contacted Jae the owner of the store and Im getting a custom batt made for me. Its a copper sea one (if you look through the sold items its in there) and is a georgous mix of sage green and golds. Im super excitted about it.
My etsy shop has had another sale today YAY! Two more rovings will be headed out very soon. Still no BFL though so instead Ive made an order for some more fibre this time some gotland, grey shetland, white shetland, faukland and corridale. Quite a mix and I think it will be fun trying them out to see how they take the dye and spin. I have also ordered a light tent from ebay to be able to take better photos. Its only a cheapo one but should be good.

Monday, 11 August 2008

What a lovely batt!

Today I woke up to this in the mail. Its a georgous batt from Its called "Rustic Cabin" and looks so much nicer in real life even though the photo was pretty cool too. Even my fibre blind family have admired and stroked it.This is the first of many batts I will be getting from here because not only is it freakin huge it is also breath takingly beautiful. So much so that I had to begin spinning it straight away even though Ive had the headache from hell. It will become a two ply yarn about 4ply weight (fingering) if it all goes according to plan. It feels like going to a childrens party spinning it, joyful, funny and colourful. What a treat.
I also got my lavander sachet supplies in the post as well but not the BFL fibre so no dyeing today. Hope it comes tomorrow because I want to play with the dyes again.
Im still knitting on the swallowtail shawl but last night I ended up with one extra stitch on one side. So I tinked. Then I had 2 extra. Tinked again. 4. Tinked again, 2. So I knitted it together with another stitch. Now I have the right number but the pattern might (doya think?) be off a bit. How magical can blocking be? Guess I will find out. Note to self: LIFELINES!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Swallowtail lovelyness.

And to your right you will see the beginings of the Swallowtail shawl. 6 repaets of the budding lace pattern and all is well. Its quite difficult getting a good photo of this one because of the colour and the shine so when I say its nicer in real life it really is. Im not fibbibg. Honest. Bamboo doesn't seem to have any give which is a bit of a challenge knitting with it and so I have made a desission to bead ala The Yarn Harlot rather than purl 5 tog *shivers*. Ive got a packet of silver beads arround somewhere so silver the beads will be. I hope to get this one finished before the next ice age unlike the kimno shawl and the dk alpaca seraphim which are still on going after about 10 months on the needles. But now as I have discovered re-runs of Chicago Hope on Zone Romantica I am knitting for at least 2 full hours a night.

The alpaca that I dyed yesterday is still not dry which isnt really a wonder as its lashing down here and you can feel the dampness in the air. But I really want to braid it up nd make it look all pretty. I must learn to be patient but its not really my default setting.

Also Im waiting on a few parcels that I thought might come today but havent. A kilo of BFL to dye up (yay) and a few bits for the shop ( , packaging supplies and so on. And also some yummy batts I got of etsy. But nothing. Not a bean. Another round of the swap on the UK Spinners board from Ravelry is just about to begin and our swap partners will be assigned on the 11th. The last one was excellent (well for me anyway) as I got some great things so Im really looking forward to round two.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Ohh the bamboo

Just look at that... Im so chuffed because this is bamboo yarn that I dyed and spun (and then dork like put label from my shop on it even though I wont be selling it but because it looked cute). I really like the colour it came out as, a soft bright green. Its all very spring like. It weighs 50 grams and is 200 yards but I still have another 150grms to spin.
Last night I begun knitting the Swallowtail shawl with it and its looking fab. Im trying really hard to use some of the handspun in my knitting because thats the point right? And handspun has that certain panache that millspun just cant seem to get. It seems more alive and fun. Well to me anyway.
In other news Ive been doing some dyeing for the shop (afore mentioned). Today was alpaca, mostly fine grade which is super yummy and not a bit scratchy in the least, but also one braid of super fine which is heavenly. No really really nice *nods*. I am tempted to not put them on etsy and keep them all for me because I like them that much. But then I also like how nice they look photoed on the computer. They are drying now but the weather is looking a bit glum so it might take a while. Im pleased with the colours as well because I had a go at mixing them up a bit instead of just straight out of the pot. I figure if I dye what I like then if they dont sell thats cool, more for me.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

See? Thats what I mean...

Grrr the photos have gone all wrong. Thats why blogger drives me insane.

Anyway more fibre from

Pretty non? Im pleased with how they have come out and am more than happy to spin them myself if they dont sell. Today fibre, tomorrow the world.

New Shop

How bad am I at this blogging thing? Yep pretty bad. I think the reason is because I dont like how the photos are added to the blog its just too slow or something. Im sure I can overcome it though and really will try harder.

So what have I been doing in the months and months of silence? Well spinning and knitting and not much else (which is really bad because I have a billion things that need to be done, grrr to work and college and life really).

Ive just finished these socks which I really like as I dyed, spun and knitted them. All my own work

Its the first time Ive ever been able to do all the steps.

Yep Im dyeing things now too and have opened an etsy shop like everyone else in the world. Heres mine

Its all about the fibre. More stuff will be added as I go along but Ive already had 3 sales amnd am rightly chuffed. Want to see some of the fibres? Ok