Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Yay for I have made it work.

Right then I am joyful because I have managed a post and added a photo and so my blogging life can begin. Pay attention.

I want this to be an account of my crafting do-dahs and what nots. Obviously there will be the odd photo of my dogs cos they are so cute (see previous post). I am all about the fibre at the moment. Last Christmas I began knitting (what was I doing with my time and money before that?) and shortly after the spinning came and lately the weaving. I tell you I am a hairs breath (and a RSPCA warning) away from getting sheep. When I'm not knitting I'm looking on the Internet about knitting and paying scant attention to my course. Which by the way is finishing very soon, in like 4 days if I can cobble together 3 years of catch up essays by Friday. Hmmm no chance.

Just lately I have got back into spinning. I bought a drop spindle in April and the a wheel in august but didnt really use either and maybe spun about 4 or 5 things on it. But for some reason I have become all excitted again about making my own wool (sometimes I say yarn like the Americans but it sounds so wrong in my head and hey its my blogg). Let me show you the first stuff I did, there it is at the top of this post. Wonder how you get it to be here which is where I want it hmmmm? Anyway its BFL 2 ply spun as thin as I can get it which isnt really that thin. It was done on an Ashford Kiwi which is fab for what I need it to do.
Hmm now got it to move down a bit. Must have a look at the how to section of blogger.

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