Thursday, 24 April 2008

Spinning mad.

Finally today I was able to take a couple of shots of what Ive been spinning recently. Lately when its been bright enough for me to take photos Ive been stuck in work or Im off and its dull. Im still not great with the camera but the day light certainly helps. I would love one day to be able to have a lovely blog just like Broklyn Tweed but I would also like to talk to the animals but I dont see either happening anytime soon.

This first one is from a batt I got from at esty. Its called Magpie and has merino, tencel, viscoes, sequins and sparles in it (and other things I have forgotten). I just love this one. It is going to become a scarf either knitted or woven along with this. Which is a batt from Loop also on etsy. This one is alpaca and firestarter I think. Its a bit difficult to see the lovelness of this though in the photo. In real life its all subtley sparkley and yummy. Ive also got another batt turned fibre from Loop that is also black alpaca but this time with huge clumps of brightly coloured sari silk blended in and together with a tencel/merino blend from Spunky in Pink Elephant and some feather yarn I got on ebay a scarf I shall make. Im reaally looking forward to seeing how I get on with it because in my mind it is already fab.

This one is romney from Spunky in the Joshua Tree colourway. This one is a total favourite. I love the colour, I love the texture, I love the whole thing. I loved spinning it too. Overall a real winner.

Finally for now I aslo have this one. Its another Felt Studio Uk batt called Sunrise and has everything in it including camel. It has spun up so soft and squishy. This one will

one day be mitts but I want to get some orange wool to do the cuffs with.
In other news Im getting pretty excitted about Wonderwool Wales that is only 2 more sleeps away. This will be my first ever fibre festival. Ive always been jealous of all the great events for knitters ans spinners in the US such as Maryland S&W, Rhinebeck and the Stitches shows but for once Im so pleased that Im also going to have a bit of festival crazy. Ive got a shopping list as big as my arm and have planned on buying just what ever takes my fancy (maybe even an alpaca :0)) and just having a great time. Its about a 2 1/2 hour drive from me and the car has filled up with folks already so I dont think there will be alot of room left for other stuff but I still am excitted. I want to look for a wheel because Im a bit fed up with mine (Kiwi). I also want some Posh Yarns stuff and some alpaca to spin. And some fybrespates fibre and, and, and.......

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Fibre, fibre, fibre...

So my idea to keep this blog up to date lasted all of one night. The reason for it is my brother (who is lovely and also reads this blog even though I told him not to) stole my camera wire. Took it. It was gone. He is bad. And I thought a blog with no photos is just too boring for words even if it is only my brother who reads it. But I have it back so I can post something tonight.

Its been a fibre week for me. I have got my spinning mojo back after about six months. Don't know where its been but I'm glad to see it again. Originally the spinning vibe lasted just about long enough for me to buy a wheel and some fibre and have about 3 tries, get bored and not touch it. Ive got a second hand Ashford Kiwi that seems to be a great wheel. To be honest I haven't got enough of a clue to know what is what but I like it. And others have said its a good first wheel and they do have a clue.

So what have I been spinning? Well after the green BFL last week I spun up some purple BFL but it has barber poled in such and ugly way I am not even going to photograph it. It is ugly and needs to be punished. I had a go at chain plying that was terrible but I understood the concept, you know small mercies and all that. But look here is a wool (or yarn, bah) that I do like....

Its from a bat off esty by Feltstudiouk. Its called "Tender" and has merino, Falkland, tencel and sparkle and is super soft and lovely. I tried to get thick and thin with alot of texture in it because Ive been a bit bored of aiming for smooth yarns. Its not set yet though so still looks a bit messy. But how cute is it? The bats came today. Let me show them to you.

These are all fro feltstudiouk and I think have the same ingredients in them. The top on is tender, then we have sunset and lastly that's jolly.

And quickly this is what I'm doing now. Its SW merino from fibre bought of fyberspates and I'm aiming for a sock weight but who knows what it will end up being :0)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Yay for I have made it work.

Right then I am joyful because I have managed a post and added a photo and so my blogging life can begin. Pay attention.

I want this to be an account of my crafting do-dahs and what nots. Obviously there will be the odd photo of my dogs cos they are so cute (see previous post). I am all about the fibre at the moment. Last Christmas I began knitting (what was I doing with my time and money before that?) and shortly after the spinning came and lately the weaving. I tell you I am a hairs breath (and a RSPCA warning) away from getting sheep. When I'm not knitting I'm looking on the Internet about knitting and paying scant attention to my course. Which by the way is finishing very soon, in like 4 days if I can cobble together 3 years of catch up essays by Friday. Hmmm no chance.

Just lately I have got back into spinning. I bought a drop spindle in April and the a wheel in august but didnt really use either and maybe spun about 4 or 5 things on it. But for some reason I have become all excitted again about making my own wool (sometimes I say yarn like the Americans but it sounds so wrong in my head and hey its my blogg). Let me show you the first stuff I did, there it is at the top of this post. Wonder how you get it to be here which is where I want it hmmmm? Anyway its BFL 2 ply spun as thin as I can get it which isnt really that thin. It was done on an Ashford Kiwi which is fab for what I need it to do.
Hmm now got it to move down a bit. Must have a look at the how to section of blogger.

Oh all going wrong.....

Well after forgetting all about setting this up I have realised that I want a blogg and had to press loads of links to get the password back.

Im really not sure of how to work this but lets see how it goes. Yay I have managed to add a picture. Just so you know that is one of my doggies. She is the beautiful Meg. Im sure I will post more photos of her and Jim and Tag too. Because I have the cutest dogs ever and everyone should be able to share my doggie joy.